Connected, Intelligent, & Autonomous Vehicle Consultancy


JCC has been at the forefront of the connected, intelligent, and autonomous transportation space for years. We've developed enterprise solutions for self-driving cars and novel uses for artificial intelligence. Whether you are a vehicle manufacturer or an airline, our highly knowledgable, senior level team can help you integrate CIA technologies into your transportation and infrastructure projects to help you achieve your strategic goals. 


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A double exposure of a JCC Bowers employee and a city.


The extent to which AI can accelerate your business is virtually limitless.

Through partnerships with world-renowned mathematicians and data scientists, our AI consultancy team brings a wealth of experience, datasets, and algorithms to embed digital brilliance into your products or operations. 

Our commitment to your success is total from initial conception of the project through to completion.

AI At the Edge

Ordinarily, AI is processed in the cloud. However, connected, intelligent, and autonomous vehicles increasingly depend on artificial intelligence to make split second driving decisions. In these cases, latency and data transfer delays can be a matter of life and death. AI processing must happen right within the vehicle, not in the cloud. This is known as AI at the edge.

AI at the edge is one of our core competencies. By programming artificial intelligence directly into every real-world asset, technology companies are able to reduce latency, improve security, and offer future-facing functionality without an internet connection.

Imagine the possibilities when operating in blizzards, disaster zones, or even other planets.

A double exposure of a JCC Bowers employee and a city.

Our Partners

Chat and Voice Bots

When chat or voice bots speak to your customers, they engage in a deeply personal and unforgettable brand experience. The stakes are high to get it right. 

Cobie, our always on, always learning digital assistant, can be deployed anywhere to add voice or chat interactivity to anything from websites to consumer electronics to soda machines. Wherever your business needs a reliable communicator, Cobie is an essential bespoke bot.

The Cobie team not only consists of brilliant engineers, programmers, and artificial intelligence experts, but also of Hollywood-trained storytellers. It's not enough to the AI assistant understands commands and questions. We also carefully craft the avatar's voice, personality, and background for maximum rapport

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