Our technology connects people to their world. 


JCC's technology was designed from the ground, up to bring integrated management and automation to any electronic. The Cobalt Smartsuite is a fully customizable solution that can be installed across both transportation and infrastructure.

A double exposure of a JCC Bowers employee and a city.


The Cobalt Smartsuite is the world's most advanced real-time, AI-powered transportation operating system.

Our parallel processing unit is equipped with artificial intelligence for advanced situational awareness, localized decision making, and cloud connectivity — all built on a layered software API fabric. 

The Cobalt Smartsuite is a powerful tool that can bring transportation online and into the digital age, giving stakeholders unprecedented access to diagnostic, maintenance, traffic and traffic information.

Smart City Infrastructure

JCC's AI powered transportation technologies integrate seamlessly with city infrastructure to automate and manage the way people and goods move throughout the world.

For the first time ever, municipal traffic systems can process real-time information about every vehicle on the road, reducing congestion, saving fuel, identifying parking spots, and keeping everyone safe along the way.

This technology extends beyond cars and can be used to digitize our cities in ground-breaking ways from supply-chain management to resource allocation.

A double exposure of a JCC Bowers employee and a city.

Full Level 5 SAE Technology

Today, the transportation industry is in a breathless race to build a 100% reliable self-driving vehicle. Unfortunately, their technology stacks are neither sophisticated, nor robust enough to deliver on such a promise, leading to mistakes, accidents and even fatalities.

JCC leverages a variety of proprietary innovations to finally achieve full autonomy. Our novel technology stack combines state-of-the-art imaging systems with advanced AI-powered communication, creating system-wide networks of information exchange and predictive maneuvering — even in bad weather.


A double exposure of a JCC Bowers employee and a city.


For over 3 decades, data has been humankind's most valuable asset. In fact, many of the world's most profitable companies have found ways to transform the data they control into multi-billion-pound enterprises. The value can only increase with the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

JCC's AI API is a turnkey solution for supercharging your business with the world's most comprehensive and complex datasets. Our collection contains terabytes of data spanning all sorts of industries to transportation to climatology.

This, combined with our AI-powered algorithms, transforms trillions of disparate datapoint into crystal clarity.

Introducing Cobie

Cobie is your always on, always learning digital assistant. He is located in the vehicles HMI, the user's mobile app, and the web portal. Cobie can remotely control over 400 physical and electronic vehicle functions. As Cobie learns more about your behaviors and driving habits, we will begin to handle things for you automatically — just like any good assistant would.

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